Medical Policies

What medical situations does a Mediclaim policy cover?

Answer: Mediclaim policies settle hospital bills that incur as a result of ailments or accidental injuries suffered by the policy owners during the policy period.

What is the age limit for people who wish to take out a medical policy?

Answer: As per policy rules, the age limit for children is 3 months to 5 years if either of their parents is covered simultaneously. For others it is between 5 to 80 years.

What is the amount of tax benefit?

Answer: Policy premiums up till Rs.10,000/- are exempted from tax under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act as on March 31, 2007.

What health policies are available for people from low-income groups?

Answer: People from low-income groups can avail the benefits of the Jan Arogya Bima Policy.

What policy is available for cancer patients?

Answer: Members of the Indian Cancer Society may use the Cancer Medical Expense Policy while members of the Cancer Patients Aid Association are eligible for the Cancer Insurance policy.

What systems of medicine are covered under Mediclaim policies?

Answer: Presently, only the Allopath, Ayurvedic and Unanipathy systems of medicine are covered by Mediclaim policies.

Does a Mediclaim policy covers illnesses, diseases or accidents that occur in other states of India or abroad?

Answer: A Mediclaim Policy is valid for health problems that happen anywhere in the world provided that treatment is received in India.

What happens if I have to undergo a treatment like dialysis and I am discharged on the same day?

Answer: When treatments such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy are received in a hospital and the insured patient is discharged on the same day, the treatment is grouped under the Hospitalization Benefit Scheme.

What about an eye operation through Laser Capulsotomy?

Answer: An operation of the eye done by Laser Capulsotomy comes under the Hospitalization Benefit Scheme of a Mediclaim Policy.

Can my dependants avail benefits under my Mediclaim policy if another policy currently covers them?

Answer: No coverage is allowed if your spouse or other dependants are covered under other Mediclaim Policies.

How do you define continuous treatment?

Answer: Continuous treatment is the treatment given to a patient for a particular ailment at a stretch. It includes all relapses within 45 days from the date of last consultation with the doctor or hospital. Any occurrence after 45 days will be considered a new ailment.

How are payments of claims made?

Answer: All medical treatment for which Mediclaim protection is desired should be received in India only. Payment of all claims will be made in Indian currency.