Self-Employment Schemes

What is the scope of Self Employment Schemes?

Answer: These schemes provide financial assistance to retired defence personnel for starting self-employment ventures.

What do you mean by service industry?

Answer: The Service Industry consists of businesses that offer services to the public such as workshops, telephone booths and house keeping.

Why are loans not being granted for transportation ventures?

Answer: Loans are not being granted for transportation ventures because of non-clearance of dues and outstanding loans against the ex-servicemen, as per government orders.

How can I apply for assistance under the Scheme?

Answer: An Ex-Serviceman has to apply for this scheme through Zilla Sainik Boards and Rajya Sainik Boards to Nationalized Banks and State Financial Corporations.

Who sanctions the loans or funds?

Answer: Banks, financial institutions and State Financial Corporations are responsible for providing loans or funds for starting self-employment ventures.

Does the Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR) disburse funds or loans?

Answer: No, the DGR does not disburse any funds or loans. It only provides information and advice to ex servicemen for obtaining loans.