Travel Benefits By Air

Today, air travel is more common, easier and affordable than ever before. The Indian Airlines provides a rebate on normal economy class fare airline tickets for who have attained the age of 65. Other airline companies also offer similar rebates to the senior citizens. These rebates allow the elderly to afford to travel the same way as they did while they were working.

Booking tickets is done through the particular airline's website. Flight staff checks that first time flyers are aware of boarding procedures and have a comfortable flight. Senior citizens in wheelchairs are allowed to board the plane first. Moreover, visually impaired senior citizens are escorted throughout their journey so that they don't face any problem.

Air India (External website that opens in a new window) also provides discounts to senior citizens who are 65 years of age and over on all types of journeys in economy class on domestic sectors. In order to avail these discounts and rebates, senior citizens have to show proof of their age at the time of booking.