• In the run-up to the United Nations Framework for Climate Change (UNFCC) Conference of Parties (COP-25) meet to be held later in the year from 2nd to 13th December, the BASIC countries held its 28th Ministerial meeting on Climate Change from 14th to 16th August in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Advancing India’s outreach in the Baltic region, the Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has left here today on a three-nation visit to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. His visit is expected to enhance India’s bilateral ties with each of the three countries and help in promoting people-to-people contacts and business opportunities.

  • Raksha Mantri ShriRajnath Singh has approved setting up of a Committee under the Chairmanship of Director General (Acquisition) to review the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2016 and Defence Procurement Manual (DPM) 2009.

  • “Our responsibility doesn’t end by naming the Institute after Atal ji. We have to follow his footsteps and our commitment should reflect his inherent nature and legacy.” This was stated by Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare at the inauguration of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Medical Sciences at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, here today.

  • In continuation of the meeting held on August 14, a Committee of senior officials of Ministry of Defenceled by Additional Secretary, Department of Defence Production alongwith Chairman, Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) once again met the office bearers of the All India Defence Employees Federation, Indian National Defence Workers Federation, Bhartiya Pratiksha Mazdoor Sangh and Confederation of Defence Recognized Association here today on the issue  of Strike notice  given by them starting with effect from August  20, 2019.

  • HonourableRakshaMantriShriRajnath Singh paid tributes to former Prime Minister AtalBihari Vajpayee on his first death anniversary at Pokhran Military Station. The ceremony was also attended by General BipinRawat, Chief of the Army Staff, Lieutenant General SK Saini, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Southern Command, Lieutenant General VS Sreenivas, General Officer Commanding Konark Corps.

  • The Central Board of Secondary Education will conduct the 13th edition of Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) on 08-12-2019 (Sunday). The test will be conducted in 20 (Twenty) languages in 110 cities all over the country.

  • Two Arrests have been made by the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (HQs) in cases of fraudulent IGST refund claims here, today. As per the statement of the DGGI (HQs), the action was taken on receipt of an input from Allahabad Bank, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi that suspicious transactions were noticed in the accounts of 4 proprietorship firms (Monal Enterprises & Ors.) wherein large quantum of IGST refunds had been received by them immediately after their opening, without any prior business transaction history.

  • The Vice President of India, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu paid glowing tributes to former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his first death anniversary today.

    Unveiling the portrait of the former Prime Minister at the Rabindranath Tagore Centre in Kolkata today, the Vice President said that Vajpayee Ji taught everybody to serve the country selflessly and to remain steadfastly committed to the principles of humanism and tolerance.

  •             The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA) will be organizing a one day national workshop cum exhibition at Vigyan Bhawan on 19 August, 2019. Shri Thawar Chand Gehlot, Union Minister, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJ&E) will be the Chief Guest of the event.

  • The Indian Army team has comprehensively won the 5th Army International Scout Masters Competition held at Jaisalmer Military Station from 06 to 14 August 2019 in a fiercely fought competition with teams from Armenia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sudan and Uzbekistan.

  • Following is the text of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's departure statement prior to his visit to Bhutan.

    “I will be on a State Visit to Bhutan on 17-18 August 2019.   

    My visit to Bhutan in the beginning of the current term reflects the high importance that the Government attaches to India’s relations with Bhutan, our trusted friend and neighbour.

  •             The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has amended the provisions relating to issue of shares with Differential Voting Rights (DVRs) provisions under the Companies Act with the objective of enabling promoters of Indian companies to retain control of their companies in their pursuit for growth and creation of long-term value for shareholders, even as they raise equity capital from global investors.


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370, Article 370 ?? ????? ??? 35A ?? ????? ???, ??? ????? ??? ????? ?? ??? ??? ??? ????? ?????? ?????? ??? ? ?? ??????? ?????????? ?? ????? ?? ??????? ??? ????? ??? ??? ??? 370 ?? ?????? ?? ??? ? ??? ?????? ??????? ?, ? ??? 370 ?? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ?, ?????? ??? ?????? ???? ? ???? ? ??? 370 ? Article 370, 35A, ????? ?????????? ??, ????? ????? ??, ??? ??? ?? ?????? ????? ??? ?? ??? 70 ??? ???? ??? ???? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ????? ??? Permanent ?? ???? ????? Temporary ?? ???? ??????? ???? ????? Conviction ?? ??? ????? ????? Permanent ??? ?????? ? ?? ??? ???? ? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??? ? ? ??? ??? ??? ? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ??, ????? ???? ??, ?????? ?????? ?? ???????? ????????? ???? ??. ???? ???, ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ?, ???????? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??????? ?????????, ????? ????? ??? ???? ???? ??????????, ?????? ?? ???? ???, ????? ?????? ???, ?? ????? ??? ?? ?? ?????????? ????? ??????, ?????? ????? ????? ????? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? 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  • The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind in his message on the eve of the Parsi New Year has said: - 

    “On the auspicious occasion of the Parsi New Year, I extend my warm greetings and good wishes to all my fellow citizens, especially my Parsi brothers and sisters.

  • Addressing a public rally in Jind, Haryana; Union Minister for Home Affairs Shri AMit Shah said that with the removal of Article 370, the Government has fulfilled Sardar Patel’s dream of a united India.

  • The Geographical Indication (GI) under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade hasrecenly registered 4 new GIs. PalaniPanchamirtham from Palani Town in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu State, Tawlhlohpuan and Mizo Puancheifrom the state of Mizoram and Tirur Betel leaf from Kerala are the latest additions to the list of registered GIs.

    GI is an indication used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.

  • The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, will visit Maharashtra on August 17 and 18, 2019.

    On August 17, 2019, the President will address the golden jubilee celebrations of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha.

  • Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh today visited Pokhran in Rajasthan where India had conducted nuclear tests in 1998 under the leadership of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and paid homage to him on his first death anniversary.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held talks with his Bhutanese counterpart Dr. Lotay Tshering in Thimpu today. They reviewed the entire gamut of the bilateral relations and ways and means to further enhance it.

  • Paralympics silver medallist Deepa Malik was today nominated for the country's highest sporting honour the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award along with Asian and Commonwealth Games champion wrestler Bajrang Punia.

  • President Ram Nath Kovind today inaugurated the Presidential Guest House named Jal Kiran at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai.The Guest House will serve as the accommodation for the President and the Prime Minister during their visits to Mumbai.

  • Union Minister for Tribal Affairs Arjun Munda today inaugurated a nine-day National Tribal Festival, Aadi Mahotsav in Polo Grounds of Leh.

  • In Jammu and Kashmir, the situation today remained largely peaceful barring a few minor incidents of disturbance.

  • India has expressed gratification that the informal meeting of the UN Security Council appreciated and acknowledged the Indian government's recent decisions to ensure good governance and socio-economic development in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • President Ram Nath Kovind has said that the government remains committed to tackle health problems of the people through the flagship Ayushmaan Bharat programme and other health missions.

  • India on Friday firmly told Pakistan that it has to stop terrorism to start talks as the UN Security Council held a rare closed door meeting to discuss revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Taking a swipe at Pakistan, India's permanent representative to United Nations Syed Akbar

  • Ravi Shastri was today re-appointed head coach of the Indian men's team by the Kapil Dev-led Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), which unanimously felt that the incumbent's communication skills and understanding of team issues stood out.

  • Supreme Court has cleared the decks for the Chardham highway project, which will connect four holy places of Uttarakhand through 900-km all-weather roads.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi will embark on a two day visit to Bhutan from tomorrow. Speaking to AIR News, India's Ambassador to Bhutan Ruchira Kamboj said that Mr Modi's visit will lead to strengthening of India-Bhutan partnership.

  • Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik has directed that normal functioning of the Civil Secretariat Srinagar and government offices should be resumed from today.

  • They also inaugurated the Ground Earth Station of South Asian Satellite, developed by Indian Space Research Organization. The first phase of Rupay card was also launched. E-plaque of the interconnection between India's National Knowledge Network E and Druk REN of Bhutan was also unveiled on this occasion. 

    India and Bhutan also signed 10 Memorandum of Understanding in science, technology, engineering and maths and judicial sectors. Three MoUs were inked between Royal University of Bhutan and IITs of Mumbai, Kanpur, Delhi and NIIT, Silchar.

    In the judicial sector, the MoUs were signed between National Law University, Bengaluru and Jigney Singhey School of Law and another between National Judicial Academy of Bhopal and National Legal Institute of Bhutan. 

    An MoU was also signed on aircraft accident and incident investigation between the two countries. For the cooperation in the space sector, ISRO signed an MoU with the Department of IT and Telecommunications of Bhutan. Prime Minister Modi also released a commemorative stamp to mark the 50 years of hydropower cooperation.

  • Mr. Wickremesinghe in his address mentioned the substantial opportunities that exist for industrial collaboration between Indian and Sri Lankan companies given the complementarities. He also thanked the Indian leadership for continued confidence in and support to Sri Lanka.

    High Commissioner in his address noted that the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant set up by the India-Sri Lanka joint venture is a reflection of what India and Sri Lanka can achieve together collectively.  He added that the Plant symbolises the promotion of ‘Make in Sri Lanka’ alongside ‘Make in India.’

    High Commissioner pointed out that it also demonstrated the commitment of Indian companies to stand with Sri Lanka during difficult times. The Plant primarily caters to the local market and is a joint venture between Mahindra & Mahindra of India and Ideal Motors of Sri Lanka.

    It will create local jobs, bring in investments as well as technology innovation and skill sets. It will contribute to the overall growth of the Sri Lankan economy.


  • A strong advocate for women empowerment, Neelum Sharma was known was her programmes like ‘Tejaswini’ and ‘Badi Charcha’ and had been awarded the Nari Shakti Puruskar by President Ram Nath Kovind in 2018.

    As part of her ‘Tejasvini’ programme, Sharma highlighted the achievements of woman achievers from the remotest parts of India who went on to become role models for the society.

    DD News mourns passing away of our dear Colleague Neelum Sharma and stands with the family of Neelum Sharma in this hour of grief

  • The martyred jawan has been identified as Lance Naik Sandeep Thapa.

    Defence spokesperson told that Pakistani troops started firing using small arms and shelling with Mortars at about 6.30 am. Alert Indian troops retaliated and started giving a befitting reply. 

    However, during the exchange of  fire  between Indo-Pak troops, Lance Naik Sandeep Thapa fell to the bullets of Pak troops. 

    The exchange of firing between the Indo-Pak armies was still going on when the reports last came in

  • The Smart Dragon-1 (SD-1), developed by the China Rocket Company affiliated to the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALVT), blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in northwest China at 12:11 pm local time.

    The three satellites, developed by three separate Beijing-based companies, will be used for remote sensing services, communication and Internet of Things (IoT), state-run Xinhua news agency reported. Different from the previous carrier rockets of the Long March family, the new Dragon series is developed in a commercial mode to meet the market demand of launching small commercial satellites, CALVT chief Wang Xiaojun said.

    The SD-1 with a total length of 19.5 metres, a diameter of 1.2 metres and a take-off weight of about 23.1 tonnes is a small-scale solid-propellant carrier rocket capable of sending 200 kg payloads to the solar synchronous orbit at an altitude of 500 km.

    "It has the highest carrying efficiency among China's current commercial solid-propellant rockets," Gong Min, technical manager of the SD-1 project, said. It took less than 18 months to develop SD-1, which is the shortest period to develop a new type of carrier rocket in China, the report said.

    The designers of SD-1 have made efforts to lower the costs and improve the efficiency and reliability of the rocket, China Rocket Company Ltd president Tang Yagang said. One such rocket can be produced in six months after business agreements are signed with customers. After the rocket is transported to the launching centre, the launch can be realized within 24 hours.

    The rocket can be used for launching either single satellite or multiple satellites at a time, according to Tang. Tang said the company mainly relies on social financing to develop SD-1 to lower its cost through competition.

    "Commercial launching will have a vast market in the fields such as low-Earth orbit Internet mobile communication and remote sensing," Tang said.

  • "Our bank has reviewed the marginal cost of fund based lending rate (MCLR) for different tenors and the same will be effective from 16.08.2019," Punjab & Sind Bank (PSB) said in a regulatory filing.

    The public sector bank has lowered the benchmark one-year MCLR to 8.50 per cent from 8.70 per cent earlier.

    Most of the consumer loans such as personal, auto and home are priced on the basis of the one-year MCLR.

    PSB has lowered MCLR on overnight, one-month, three-month and six-month duration loans by 0.15 per cent to 8.20 per cent, 8.30 per cent, 8.40 per cent and 8.50 per cent, respectively.

    It also reduced MCLR on three-year tenor loans by 0.5 per cent to 9.20 per cent.

    The rate cut follows an MCLR cut by the country's largest lender SBI post the RBI's decision to reduce the key interest rate (repo) by 0.35 percentage point to a nine-year low of 5.40 per cent.

    Oriental Bank of Commerce and IDBI Bank on Thursday announced a cut in the range of 0.05 to 0.15 percentage point in MCLR for various tenors.

  • The informal consultations, requested for by China, lasted over an hour on Friday after which Beijing's Ambassador to the UN Zhang Jun and Pakistan's UN envoy Maleeha Lodhi made remarks to the media at the UN Security Council stakeout one by one.

    The two left without taking any question from the reporters. Sources familiar with the consultations said that China was pushing for an outcome or a press statement to be delivered after the consultations by Poland, the President of the Security Council for the month of August. The UK also sided with China in calling for a statement to the press.

    "Pakistan raising Kashmir at the UN doesn't have any traction. This time also it did not get any traction at all. There was no outcome, no statement from Poland, as UNSC President, after the consultations," the sources added.

    Majority of the 15 members said there should not be any statement or outcome issued after the consultations and their will prevailed, leaving China to come out and make a statement in its national capacity followed by Pakistan.

    India's Permanent Representative to the UN Syed Akbaruddin in his remarks to the media said that he will present New Delhi's national position too "if national statements try to masquerade as the will of the international community," a reference to statements by China and Pakistan. Further, an "overwhelming" number of Council members maintained that Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan that they need to address themselves, a rebuff to Islamabad's intention to internationalize Kashmir, according to sources privy to the internal discussions.

    China, a permanent member with veto, had asked for a meeting in the Council. As per UNSC procedures, Council members can ask to bring up any issue for discussion. "Everybody will ask for something or the other." There will be no record nor any minutes of the closed consultations.

    Sources with knowledge of the proceedings said that in its discussions with UNSC members, India was able to break down "piece by piece" each of the arguments. India's approach was that how can a constitutional matter become a threat to peace and security, as claimed by Pakistan in reference to Article 370.

    "How does a federal arrangement create an implication for beyond the border," the sources said. Further, India has been repeatedly stressing that it is committed to the Simla Agreement on the issue of Kashmir. On the issue of gross violation of human rights, sources said, "Pakistan lost that battle also because China is talking about human rights." Sources familiar with the development also said that if Pakistan feels Article 370 is a material change of a situation, "what is CPEC", a reference to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). "How many material changes have they done?" Sources said that China could have stopped at the first step of calling the meeting "but by trying to get the Council to react to it they overplayed their hand" and by "pushing their hand, they lost everything." African nations in the Council - Cote d'Ivoire and Equatorial Guinea, Dominican Republic, Germany, US, France and Russia supported India, sources said.

    A UN diplomatic source said that while France was paying close attention to the situation in the region, for it the priority was "bilateral dialogue" between India and Pakistan, a position shared by the US and Germany. Russia's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy, before heading into the Security Council Consultations Room, told reporters that Moscow favours a bilateral track between India and Pakistan."

    Indonesia is also concerned by the increasing tension and urges both countries to return to dialogue and diplomacy. A UK Government spokesperson said, "Today the UNSC discussed the situation in Kashmir. We continue to follow the situation closely. Events in Kashmir can have regional and international relevance, we continue to urge calm and caution from all."

    Pakistan suffered several setbacks on various fronts in the run up to the closed consultations. It sought an open meeting on the matter, following a letter by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi calling for the Security Council to discuss India's move to revoke the special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

    Instead, the Council conducted consultations in an informal, closed format. It is significant that the discussions were not held at the horse-shoe table in the Security Council Chamber, which is a more formal and official format for meetings. Qureshi had also requested that a representative of the Government of Pakistan be allowed to attend the meeting.

    That request was also not allowed as the consultations were held only among the 15 Council members. Closed meetings are not open to the public and no verbatim record of statements is kept. Consultations are informal meetings of the Security Council members and are not covered in the Repertoire.

    The Repertoire, mandated by the UN General Assembly, provides comprehensive coverage of the Security Council's interpretation and application of the UN Charter and its own Provisional Rules of Procedure since 1946.

  • The kit is a set of cards, posters, short animation clips and games, which can be used by teachers or an NGO to conduct an interactive workshop for children about sexual-abuse awareness, according to the minutes of the 38th statutory meeting of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

    Noting that an unaware child may easily fall trap to sexual abuse without realising that he or she is wronged, the commission said the kit would help in spreading awareness as any kind of physical or psychological abuse could scar a child's life forever.

    "Through the workshop, children learn about personal safety, respecting their body and overcoming guilt," it said. "It also gets children to talk about this issue with their peers and understand that they need to speak up, which many kids don't."

    The kit also features game cards as an intervention to assess the learning acquired by children.

    It can be used in classrooms for kids aged between 8-12 and in a group of 30-35 students in one session.

    It has manuals, reading and video material for the teacher or workshop facilitator to read and understand how to conduct the workshop.

    The workshop kit has been vetted by the psychologists at Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, and a revised version will be developed based on their feedback. 

  • The strikes, which came after Palestinians fired a rocket from the territory at southern Israel late Friday, hit a Hamas observation post in Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip, an unidentified target near Gaza City and open ground near Deir El Balah in the central part of the territory, the source said.

    An Israeli army statement mentioned only two strikes, against "underground targets belonging to the Hamas terror organisation in the northern and central Gaza Strip." It did not elaborate.

    The army said that Friday night's rocket launch at southern Israel was the first since July 12. A military statement said the rocket was intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome defence system, after air raid sirens sounded in the southern town of Sderot and its surroundings.

    Earlier Friday, the Palestinian health ministry said that 32 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli live fire during weekly protests along the Gaza border.

    An Israeli army spokeswoman said that about 5,600 people demonstrated along the border, some throwing hand grenades and explosive devices toward soldiers and attempting to reach the border fence.

    She said that troops responded with "riot dispersal means" but she was unaware of any live fire. Regular protests along the border began in March 2018. At least 302 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza or the border area since then, the majority during demonstrations or associated clashes.

    Seven Israelis have been killed in Gaza-related violence over the same period.

    The protests have declined in intensity in recent months after UN and Egyptian officials brokered an informal truce between Israel and Gaza's Islamist rulers Hamas. Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza, have fought three wars since 2008

  • Satyarthi made the comments on Saturday during a conference, IIMPACT 2019, organised by PAN-IIM Alumni Singapore. IIMPACT is a forum created by the PAN- IIM (Indian Institutes of Management) alumni in Singapore.

    What I am working on and demand (that) a legally binding UN Convention to stop digital abuse of children and child trafficking, Satyarthi said.

    Satyarthi said he was also in talks with the Indian government to lead in proposing a UN convention to stop the use of technology for child abuse.

    We need strong champions who can bring this issue, not in this General Assembly in September because it is too short, but next year. We have to build it with strong demand,he said. 

    The Nobel Peace Prize Winner lamented that technology is being misused by traffickers as well as organized criminals to use children in pornography and other kinds of sexual abuses.

    Blocking the network is not going to be enough, he said, calling for a UN convention that would hold these tech-savvy child abusers accountable for the crime. Highlighting the possibility of a successful UN Convention, he said success has been achieved in getting the International Labour Organisation law on child labour by massive mobilization campaign across 103 countries in 1998.

    Satyarthi said he has held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and leaders of Norway, Sweden and Qatar over the issue of digital child abuse. It is possible and achievable, he said of the UN convention. 

  • 50 people have so far lost their lives in Malappuram and 12 in Wayanad, the two northern districts, where 28 people are still missing.

    Search operations are continuing at Kavalappara in Malappuram and Puthumala in Wayanad, the two areas which were the worst hit in the second spell of South West Monsoon rains since August 8, where massives landslides had wiped out two villages.

    A team of experts from Hyderabad are expected to arrive at Kavalappara on Saturday with Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) which would help in detection of bodies buried under mounds of earth. In Malappuram, 21 are missing, 7 in Wayanad and one person in Kottayam, the update said.

    Seventeen deaths have been reported from Kozhikode, nine each from Kannur and Thrissur and five from Idukki. As rains receded, people have started returning to their homes after cleaning the accumulated mud and filth.

    Good samaritans from neighbouring districts are also lending a helping hand in the clean up operations.

    At least 12,761 houses were partially and 1,186 were fully destroyed in the rains and in the 805 camps, 1,29,517 people are still residing.

  • The men's team will  open its campaign against Malaysia later today. 

    Both the Indian teams have secured their places in the FIH Olympic Qualifiers, to be held later this year, by winning their FIH Series Finals.

    Being World No. 5 and the top-ranked side in the tournament among men, India start as favourites against World No.12 Malaysia. 

    The Indian men will play World No. 8 New Zealand tomorrow and World No. 16 Japan in their last round-robin match.

    Indian women will next face their toughest test in World No. 2 Australia, before facing World No.11 China.

  • His name was finalised by a 12-member selection committee on the opening day of a two-day meeting today. The panel comprises the likes of Bhaichung Bhutia and MC Mary Kom among others and is headed by Justice Mukundakam Sharma.

    Bajrang had last year won the gold medal in the 65-kg freestyle event at the Asian Games held in Jakarta. He had also won the gold medal in the same category at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

    Bajrang is only the fourth wrestler to be finalised for the Khel Ratna award after Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt and Sakshi Malik.

  • The firing from across the border started in Nowshera sector at around 6.30 am, prompting strong and effective retaliation by Indian Army guarding the border, the official said.

    The exchange of fire between the two sides was on when the last reports were received.

    However, there was no immediate report of any casualty in the Pakistani firing which was unprovoked, the spokesman said.

    Last month, two army personnel and a 10-day old baby were killed and several civilians injured in heavy Pakistani shelling and firing in the twin districts of Poonch and Rajouri in Jammu region. 

  • It is a joint initiative of Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED). TRIFED will essentially play role of a Service provider & Market Developer .

    The theme of the festival is “A celebration of the spirit of Tribal Craft, Culture and Commerce” .

    Aadi Mahotsav is scheduled between August 17 to August 25  and will be inaugurated by the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Satya Pal Malik.

    Union Minister for Tribal Affairs Arjun Munda, MoS Renuka Singh and TRIFED Chairman R. C. Meena will be participating in the inaugural.

    In a message, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, "I am happy that the Tribal Affairs Ministry is organising Aadi Mahotsav in Leh, Ladakh, which will showcase tribal culture, cuisine, art, craft, and herbal medicines. The event will help spread these in other parts of the country and provide opportunities to tribals for economic growth and prosperity." 

    Pradeep Krishna, Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED), said that the ministry will establish Van Dhan, a marketing platform to train tribals to efface middlemen and promote their products. He said that tribals from Ladakh will be registered and empanelled in TRIFED.

    Around 160 tribal artisans from more than 20 states across the country will participate and showcase their craft.

    The major attraction will be the tribal textiles from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal; jewellery from Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and the Northeast; Gond and Warli art, metal craft from Chhattisgarh and black pottery from Manipur.

    9- day Aadi Mahotsav will showcase traditional art and handicrafts and cultural heritage of the country. 

  • The restrictions were eased on Saturday morning to facilitate the movement of government employees towards their offices, they said.

    The officials said the security forces continued to remain deployed, while barricades remained on the roads, but people were allowed to move after checking their credentials.

    Landline services were restored in some areas like Raj Bagh and Jawahar Nagar, but remained suspended in most parts, including the commercial hub of Lal Chowk, Press Enclave and other areas around it, they said.

    There was increase in movement of private vehicles in the civil lines area and other district headquarters of the Valley, the officials said, adding that some inter-district cabs were also seen plying in Dalgate area of the summer capital.

    Some shops in the civil lines areas of the city opened on Saturday morning, the officials said. However, most of the business establishments, including fuel stations, remained shut.

  • The duo was welcomed by BJP national vice president Shyam Jaju and Delhi unit president Manoj Tiwari at the party's office on Pant Marg.

    "I welcome Kapil Mishra and Richa Pandey into BJP and hope they will serve Delhi by following the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and philosophy of Deen Dayal Upadhyay and Syama Prasad Mookerjee," Manoj Tiwari said.

    Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel earlier this month had disqualified Mishra under the anti-defection law after he campaigned for the BJP during the Lok Sabha elections in May.

    Kapil Mishra, elected from Karawalnagar seat, has challenged his disqualification in Delhi High court. Speculations over Mishra joining the BJP were making rounds since he started criticising the AAP supremo after being removed as a minister in May 2017.

    Subsequently, he grew close to many Delhi BJP leaders and often shared the stage with them at public events.

  • An overflow crowd rallied at a public square in the financial district before setting off for Government House, carrying signs that read "Protect the next generation" and umbrellas to ward off intermittent downpours.

    Teachers said they want to show their support for the protesters, many of whom are students. They said the government should answer the protesters' demands and stop using what they called police violence to disperse demonstrators who take over streets and besiege and deface government buildings.

    "We are here due to continuous violence by the government and police," said a secondary school teacher, who gave only his last name, Ko. "We feel we have the right to protect our students." Hong Kong's protests, nearing the end of their 10th week, show no sign of relenting. Both a march on the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour and a counter-rally backing the government were planned for later Saturday.

    A rally in Victoria Park has been called for Sunday by a pro-democracy group that has organized three massive marches through central Hong Kong since June.

    The movement's demands include the resignation of the city leader, Carrie Lam, democratic elections and an independent investigation into police use of force. China's paramilitary People's Armed Police have been holding drills this week across the border in Shenzhen, fueling speculation they could be sent in to suppress the protests.

    Officers could be seen drilling inside a sports stadium on Saturday, and dozens of army-green trucks and other vehicles are parked in and outside the facility.

    The Hong Kong police, however, have said they are capable of handling the protests. "I can tell you we're confident the police have the capability to maintain law and order," Yeung Man-pun, commander of the Kowloon City district, said when asked Friday about the possibility of a deployment of mainland security forces.

  • Apart from Shastri, the other big names who will give presentations to the three-member committee include former Australia all-rounder and Sri Lanka coach Tom Moody, along with ex-New Zealand and Kings XI Punjab coach Mike Hesson.

    India's 2007 World T20-winning cricket manager Lalchand Rajput, former Mumbai Indians head coach Robin Singh and West Indies' Phil Simmons, who until recently was Afghanistan national team coach, are the other candidates in fray.

    Ravi Shastri's record since his comeback in 2017 has been very impressive, having guided the team to its maiden Test series win on Australian soil last year.

    In 21 Tests since July 2017, under Shastri, India won 13 of them with a victory percentage of 52.38. It's even better in T20Is with 25 wins from 36 games with a win percentage of 69.44. The ODI record takes the cake with 43 wins in 60 games and a success rate of 71.67.

    The only blip could be the fact that in 2015 World Cup in Australia (when he was Team Director) and the last edition in UK, the team couldn't go beyond the semi-finals.

    But the complete domination in the Caribbean, in both T20s and ODIs, indicates that he has been doing most of the things correctly. With a very vocal and public backing from skipper Virat Kohli, it will be a major surprise if the 'Champion of Champions' is not back at the helm till the 2021 World T20 in India.

    "Well, the CAC (Cricket Advisory Committee headed by Kapil Dev) has not contacted me on this. But all of us share a great camaraderie with Ravi bhai and would definitely be very happy (to have him around)," Kohli had said prior to his departure for the West Indies, making it clear where he stands on the issue. Shastri is expected to appear via SKYPE while Rajput, Hesson and Singh are expected to appear in person in front of a panel that will also comprise former India women's captain Shantha Rangaswamy and opener Anshuman Gaekwad.

    Shastri, who has played 80 Tests and 150 ODIs, was contracted till the World Cup in England, but he was given a 45-day extension till the end of the ongoing West Indies tour, where the visitors have won both the T20 and ODI series.

    Shastri's nearest competitor could be Hesson, considered one of the shrewdest coaches around and Moody, who has had a successful record as an IPL coach for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

    Moody has appeared a couple of times for the coaches' interview but was not considered, and this time his task is even more uphill.

    Rajput has also tried to get the coveted job multiple times and he might miss out again as Shastri's credentials are too strong to be ignored. 

    There could, however, be some debate over if Shastri will be able to retain his complete support staff. The interviews for batting, bowling and fielding coaches will be conducted by the selection committee headed by MSK Prasad.

    The position for administrative manager, Sunil Subramaniam's poor conduct has been criticised by one and all, will also be up for grabs.

    While Bharath Arun is all but certain to be retained as bowling coach having played his part in creating a potent pace attack, the same can't be said of former all-rounder Sanjay Bangar. The only thing that can save Bangar is if Shastri, in his capacity, demand his own support staff.

    Vikram Rathour is in running for the post with a fair amount of backing from one of the influential figures in Indian cricket's junior set-up. Unless things change drastically, Rathour remains the favourite to pip Bangar.

    Incumbent R Sridhar is also ahead in the fielding coach's race even though he will be in direct competition with the legendary Jonty Rhodes, who has worked with Mumbai Indians.

  • This is Prime Minister's second visit to Bhutan and the first since his re-election.

    Bhutanese Prime Minister Lotay Tshering received Modi at the airport. PM Modi was accorded a guard of honour on his arrival here.

    In his departure statement issued in New Delhi on Friday, the prime minister said his visit to the Himalayan nation in the beginning of the current term reflects the high importance his government attaches to New Delhi's relations with Bhutan, a "trusted friend and neighbour".

    PM Modi expressed confidence that his visit will promote India's "time-tested and valued friendship" with Bhutan and consolidate it further for the prosperous future and progress of the people of both the countries.

    During the visit, PM Modi would hold talks with King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and his Bhutanese counterpart on the entire gamut of bilateral relations.

    Prime Minister Modi will also address young Bhutanese students at the prestigious Royal University of Bhutan.

  • Official sources said that, with the inauguration of this clean and green fuel station, it will reduce environmental pollution. 

    Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowalhas given much emphasis to make the state free from pollution.

    The source further said that, since the CNG is affordable fuel it will be cost effective for the users.

  • Over the last 15 days, multiple synchronised operations in coordination with other agencies were carried out across the country on the basis of inputs received by various NCB units under the supervision of its headquarters, they added.

    The government has recently given the additional charge of the anti-narcotics agency to Rakesh Asthana, a senior Gujarat-cadre IPS officer who had led the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the CBI probing several high-profile bank fraud cases, including the one involving fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya.

    The NCB had received multiple inputs about smugglers' plans to funnel drugs into the country, following which the operations were chalked out before the Independence Day on August 15, sources said. "The NCB Chandigarh Zonal Unit effected seizures of 2.7-kg opium and 6.14-kg heroin from Ludhiana, Amritsar and Firozepur (Punjab) on August 2.

    The team also arrested five drug traffickers," an official spokesperson said. A seizure of 1.945 kg of hashish from a place near Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh was made on August 5 by the NCB's Mandi sub-unit, which also arrested two drug traffickers from Haryana's Palwal, he added. "The drug was sourced from Himachal Pradesh and was supposed to reach Haryana. The hashish was packed in brown tape an concealed in a white carry bag. It was being transported in a Hyundai Creta car, which was also confiscated," the spokesperson said.

    A Suriname-based drug trafficker was arrested at the Mumbai airport on August 2 and cocaine weighing over two kilograms was seized from his possession, he said, adding that the consignment was being smuggled from Suriname to Mumbai via the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. "The NCB Lucknow Zonal Unit seized 10.55-kg opium and arrested five Nepalese nationals, including two women, on August 9. The source of the seized drug was Nepal and the suspected destination was Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh," the spokesperson said.

    Hashish weighing 8.25 kg was also seized by the Lucknow unit, which arrested two Nepalese nationals in a joint operation with the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) on August 11, he added. "On specific information, NCB Chennai seized 62.60 kg of ganja concealed in 26 packets from the Chennai Egmore railway station on August 10.

    Two drug traffickers from Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu were arrested in the said case. The ganja was procured from Visakhapatnam," the spokesperson said. The Indore Zonal Unit of the NCB intercepted a vehicle on August 13 from a spot near the Devgardia bypass in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and arrested two traffickers with over 120 kg of ganja, which was being brought from Chhattisgarh's Sukma, a Naxal-dominated area. "The aforesaid cases were the result of increased interdiction efforts against drug trafficking by the NCB.

    The concerted and coordinated efforts of the NCB resulted in a total seizure of 13.25 kg of opium, 2.09 kg of cocaine, 10.105 kg of hashish, 182.6 kg of ganja and 13.25 kg of heroin," the spokesperson said.

    The NCB does not give any official estimate of the market value of seized narcotics, but sources in the agency said the seizures were worth well over Rs 10 crore.

  • The Vice President will be accompanied by a high-level delegation. Vice President's visit will be the first-ever high level visit to the three Baltic countries.

    The visit takes place in the context of increasing political engagement, as well as intensified trade and commercial ties. The visit of Vice President to the three Baltics countries is to advance India’s outreach to the important countries in the region. 

    This visit will also provide an opportunity to brief the Baltic countries and get their views on enhanced opportunities for cooperation, thus further strengthening our existing friendly ties.

    Notably, India and Baltic countries have historical connect and common linguistic roots. The cutting edge technology and innovation ecosystems of the Baltic countries complement India’s huge market and appetite for these technologies.

  • Both the Indian teams have secured their places in the FIH Olympic Qualifiers, to be held later this year, by winning their FIH Series Finals. Being World No. 5 and the top-ranked side in the tournament among men, India start as favourites against World No. 12 Malaysia.

    The Indians have rested seniors like skipper Manpreet Singh and goalkeeper P.R. Sreejesh, opting to test some young players. In Manpreet's absence, dragflicker Harmanpreet Singh will lead the side while striker Mandeep Singh will be his deputy. 

    After Malaysia, the Indian men will play World No. 8 New Zealand on Sunday and World No. 16 Japan in their last round-robin match.

    Meanwhile, the 10th-ranked Indian women's team will have a relatively easy opener against Japan. Then, Indian women will face their toughest test in World No. 2 Australia, before facing World No. 11 China.

  • He said that the government offices have already started functioning and the schools will be opened area-wise from Monday.

    The Chief Secretary thanked the people of valley for their cooperation in the last fortnight while reasonable restrictions were imposed as a precautionary measure to maintain law and order. 

    He reiterated that there was no loss of life in the valley from August 5 onwards when the decision about revocation of Article 370 was taken and state's reorganisation was approved has announced gradual and calibrated easing of restrictions on the movement of people and communication services. He said that the government offices have already started functioning and the schools will be opened area-wise from Monday.

    The Chief Secretary thanked the people of valley for their cooperation in the last fortnight while reasonable restrictions were imposed as a precautionary measure to maintain law and order.

    J&K Chief Secretary reiterated that there was no loss of life in the valley from August 5 onwards when the decision about revocation of Article 370 was taken and state's reorganisation was approved.

  • Thousands of people have been rendered homeless and nothing was left except charred remnants of the household good in the incident. A pall of gloom descended upon the residents as they lost all their valuables in the fire. However, no casualty has been reported in the incident.

    Most of the slum residents work in the ready made garment factories and they had gone to their native places during the long Eid vacations.

    The fire was brought under control in three and half hours after it started around 7 in the evening. Almost all the shanty structures numbering above 2500 were completely gutted in the fire. The reason for the fire is not known.

    Dhaka North City Corporation mayor Atiqul Islam and the local MP MP Elias Mollah visited the spot last night.

    The Mayor said that city corporation will arrange for food and treatment of the victims. He promised assistance will be provided to rehabilitate the victims.

  • Ahead of his visit, Prime Minister said that India-Bhutan partnership today is of a special character and substance and forms an important pillar of Government of India’s Neighbourhood First policy.

     PM Modi said, his visit to Bhutan in the beginning of the current term reflects the high importance that the Government attaches to India’s relations with that country which is a trusted friend and neighbour.

    PM said, the two countries enjoy excellent bilateral ties exemplified by our extensive development partnership, mutually beneficial hydro-power co-operation and strong trade and economic linkages. 

    PM Modi also said that both countries jointly celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the establishment of formal diplomatic relations last year. In his short visit of about 27 hours, PM Modi will have a packed schedule.

    PM will receive audiences with the King of Bhutan, hold delegation-level talks with his counterpart, meet the Leader of Opposition, inaugurate 720 megawatt Mangdechhu hydro-power project and release a commemorative stamp to mark the 50 years of Indo-Bhutan hydropower relations. 

    Prime Minister Modi will also inaugurate the Ground Station for South Asian Satellite and launch the first phase of RuPay Card and address the students of Royal University of Bhutan.

    India and Bhutan will ink the MoUs in science, technology, engineering and maths and judicial sectors.

  • After the UNSC closed door meeting ended, India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Syed Akbaruddin said that India's position was and still remains that matters related to Article 370 are an internal matter of India and these have no external ramifications and that the recent decisions are intended for good governance.

    He also emphasised that, since the change is internal to India, they have not made any difference to India's external orientation while adding that India remains committed to ensure that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir remains calm & peaceful.

    Akbaruddin said India is committed to gradually removing all restrictions in Kashmir.

  • He said trade, investment and ease of doing business can play a crucial role to create a win win situation for both the countries. 

    Ambassador Puri was speaking at a get-together reception hosted by Nepal Bharat Friendship Society (NBFS) in Kathmandu Friday evening to celebrate 73rd Independence Day of India. 

    He said India is the fastest growing large economy in the world and Nepal automatically get benefit out of it.  

    Ambassador Puri also recalled Nepal's sterling contribution in the freedom struggle of India. 

    He said many stalwarts of Nepal's struggle for democracy also participated in India's freedom movement and even imprisoned. 

    He said during Quit India movement Jayaprakash (JP) Narayan, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia and some other leaders were given shelter by the people of Nepal in 1943. 

    Ambassador Puri said while Nepal police arrested JP, Lohia and others under intense pressure from Britain, Nepali people fired on their own police, freed Indian leaders and escorted them across the Kosi river.    

    Extending greetings to the people and Govt of India on 73rd Independence Day, the President of NBFS, Prem Lashkery said Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizes to further strengthen existing relations, especially with neighboring countries including Nepal.  

    A large number of eminent persons including political leaders, diplomats, intellectuals, industrialists, businessmen, professionals and journalists also graced the occasion and expressed their views to further strengthen age old India Nepal relations. 

    A presentation highlighting 70 years of diplomatic ties between India and Nepal was made during the programme. 

  • She wrote in all genres of creative work including short stories, poems, essays and children's fiction but she was renowned for her novels. 

    Bong Theke Bangla , Rokter Okshor and Ghar-Bhanga-Ghar are among some of his more well known novels.

    She was born in Kolkata in 1939 and migrated to East Bengal after the partition.

    She received the Bangla Academy Literary Award in 1978 and was awarded Ekushey Padak this year.

    President Abdul Hamid and State Minister for Cultural Affairs KM Khalid expressed condolences at the death of Rizia Rahman.

  • The Union Minister said, in this regard, a series of meetings will be held with all stakeholders including state governments to chalk out a concrete plan to make it a people's campaign to realise the ultimate target.

    Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar made this announcement at Sau Paulo in Brazil on , after Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech urged people to shun single-use plastic and encouraged the use of jute and cloth bags to protect the environment.

    Addressing a gathering during  Independence Day function there,  Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said the Prime Minister, while laying out the vision for the next five years, highlighted how the first 75 days of the present government was highly productive and several historic decisions like on Triple Talaq, Jammu and  Kashmir and on many other issues were taken. 

  • Almost one person in every five experiences constant pain and there is a considerable need to find new painkilling drugs, according to research published in the journal Science.

    However, sensitivity to pain is also required for survival and it has a protective function. It prompts reflex reactions that prevent damage to tissue, such as pulling your hand away when you feel a jab from a sharp object or when you burn yourself.

    Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have now discovered a new sensory organ in the skin that is sensitive to hazardous environmental irritation.

    It is comprised of glia cells with multiple long protrusions and which collectively go to make up a mesh-like organ within the skin.

    This organ is sensitive to painful mechanical damage such as pricks and pressure. The new pain-sensitive organ is organised together with pain-sensitive nerves in the skin, researchers said.

    Activation of the organ results in electrical impulses in the nervous system that result in reflex reactions and an experience of pain, they said.

    The cells that make up the organ are highly sensitive to mechanical stimuli, which explain how they can participate in the detection of painful pinpricks and pressure.

    In experiments, the researchers also blocked the organ and saw a resultant decreased ability to feel mechanical pain.

    "Our study shows that sensitivity to pain does not occur only in the skin's nerve fibres, but also in this recently-discovered pain-sensitive organ," said Patrik Ernfors, a professor at Karolinska Institutet.

    "The discovery changes our understanding of the cellular mechanisms of physical sensation and it may be of significance in the understanding of chronic pain," Ernfors said.

  • The BJP stalwart had breathed his last on this day last year. 

    Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee served as the Prime Minister for three times. His first term was for only 13 days in 1996.

    He served his second term for a period of eleven months from 1998 to 1999 and then a full term from 1999 to 2004.

    He was awarded India's highest civilian honour, Bharat Ratna in 2015. Many functions have been planned across the country in memory of the great leader.

    President Ramnath Kovind today paid floral tribute to the tombstone to late former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpaee at Sadaiv Atal Memorial.

    Prime Narendra Modi also paid homage to late former Prime Minister in a prayer meeting held on his first death anniversary in New Delhi. Union Minister Amit Shah, Dr Harshvardhan, Dharmendra Pradhan and other leaders also paid homage.

    Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who is the tallest leader of BJP, has left behind a rich legacy which will be remembered as well as cherished for years to come.

    His legacy comprises forward looking economic policies, massive infrastructure projects and development of national highways. 

    It was under his leadership that India successfully conducted Pokhran-II nuclear tests and cemented its position as a nuclear state in 1998. Born on 25th December 1924, in Gwalior, he rose to eminence as an erudite politician. 

    As a foreign minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first person to speak in Hindi in the United Nations in 1977.

    His personality had many facets he was a forceful orator, a writer, poet, a selfless social worker, journalist, but more than anything else, he was a leader among leaders.

  • A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said the petition by advocate M L Sharma challenging the scrapping of Article 370 has "no meaning".

    "What kind of petition is this? It could have been dismissed but there are 5 other pleas with the registry," the bench also comprising S A Bobde and S A Najeer said. "You are not praying for setting aside the Presidential order. What is the prayer it is not clear. It can be dismissed on technical grounds," the bench said and added that there were five other petitions in the registry which are defective.

    The CJI said he spent 30 minutes reading the petition on Article 370 but could not make out anything.

    The apex court asked lawyers to cure defects in their six petitions on Article 370 and adjourned the hearing.

    The bench also noted that it was hearing the petition on Article 370 by breaking the combination of judges hearing the sensitive Ayodhya matter. 

  • The day is observed as National Mourning Day in the country to mark the occasion.

    President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid homage  to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by placing wreaths at his portrait in front of Bangabandhu Memorial Museum in Dhaka's Dhanmondi in the morning.

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also flew to Tungipara in Gopalganj to pay respects to Bangabandhu Mujibur Rahman. Sheikh Mujib was born in Tungipara in 1920.

    A number of dignitaries including the Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal and Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud were present on the occasion.

  • Minister for Upcountry New Villages Infrastructure and Community Development P.Digambaram  in a message to mark the Independence Day said that Sri Lankan government is keen in providing single houses to upcountry people and the Indian government adds strength to that initiative by extending its support through Indian Housing Project. 

    He said providing 4,000 houses was completed successfully in the first phase . Following that success, Prime Minister Narendra Modi when visited Sri Lanka, met the upcountry people and promised for another 10,000 houses. 

    An agreement to this effect was signed recently and the efforts to construct ten thousand houses will commence shortly. This project will be extended to other parts of upcountry as well. 

    The minister said while India is celebrating its 73rd Independence anniversary, he wishes India to get more progress in its economy and the people to get blessed with prosperity and wish Sri Lanka and the Upcountry to receive more assistance.

  • The main ceremony was held at the India House in Colombo this morning where Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Taranjit Singh Sandhu unfurled the Indian tricolor and read out excerpts of speech of the President, Ram Nath Kovind.

    The ceremony was attended by hundreds of Indian citizens living in the city. A BSF contingent staged an impressive march past.

    Addressing the gathering, Indian High Commissioner recalled the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Sri Lanka in June for expressing solidarity with Sri Lankans after Easter Sunday attacks.

    He recounted the steps taken to strengthen the bonds between the two neighbours.

    The ceremony closed with staging of dance performances by artistes from Swami Vivekanand cultural centre in Colombo. Later, the High Commissioner and officials of the Indian High Commission paid floral tributes to the martyrs at the Indian Peace Keeping Force Memorial at Battaramula in Colombo.

    The High Commission is also organizing a special event titled “Strings of Harmony”- a musical Jugalbandi featuring legendary Santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and his son Pandit Rahul Sharma in Colombo this evening.

    Similar celbrations are being held by Indian consulates in Jaffna, Hambantota and Kandy. 

  • Besides Embassy officials and their family members, hundreds of people from Indian community and friends of India enthusiastically participated in the Independence Day celebrations. 

    After hoisting the national flag Ambassador Puri read out the President's message. He also felicitated three Veer Naris, five widows and six kins of deceased soldiers of the Indian Army by distributing their dues worth 5.31 crore Nepali rupees.

    On this occasion Indian Embassy gifted books to 40 libraries and educational institutions of Nepal.

    Ambassador Puri also handed over keys of 30 ambulances and 6 buses to various hospitals, non-profit charitable organizations and educational institutions by reaffirming Government of India’s commitment to partner with Nepal in its journey towards socio-economic development. 

    The Government of India has so far gifted 752 ambulances and 148 buses to various hospitals, non-profit charitable organizations and educational institutions of 77 districts in Nepal, expanding healthcare access for thousands of Nepali people and serving to the educational needs of the thousands of students.

    The students of Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Kendriya Vidyalaya and Modern Indian School presented patriotic songs.

    The ceremony concluded with a mesmerizing performance by the Nepal Army Band.In Birgunj, Acting Consul General of India, Ramesh Prasad Chaturvedi hoisted the national flag.

    Chief Minister of Province 2 Mohammad Lalbabu Raut, other dignitaries and a large number of people from Indian community and friends of India also joined Independence Day celebrations.


  • On this occasion, sisters tie colorful rakhi around the wrist of their brothers and pray for their prosperity, health and well-being. In return, brothers pledge to protect and support their sisters and present them gifts.

    President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have greeted the people on occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

    In a message, President Kovind said that Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the unique bond between brothers and sisters and tying of the Rakhi by sisters, symbolizes love, affection and mutual trust between them.

    He expressed hope that the festival will strengthen our society’s intent to protect the interest of women and promote their welfare.

    On this occasion, President Kovind appealed to the people to resolve to ensure that the women and girls feel more safe and secure.

    In a tweet, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his greetings on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

  • PM Modi said, India can become a 5 trillion dollar economy in the next five years.

    Prime Minister called for improving exports to get more share in world economy. He said, wealth creation is important for the country as only then wealth distribution will happen.

    PM Modi said, those who create wealth need to be respected.Prime Minister said, today there is a stable government in India  and its  policy regime is predictable.

    He said, the world is eager to explore trade with India.

    PM Modi said, the government has kept the inflation  under check and supplement development.

    He added that  the fundamentals of Indian economy are strong which will help the country to grow further.

  • He announced 'Jal Jivan' mission to make drinking water available to all households and said government will spend 3.5 lakh crore rupees for it.

    Prime Minister said, the movement towards water conservation has to take place at the grassroots level and it should not be limited to mere a Government programme.

    He said, people from all walks of life have to be integrated in this movement.

  • Addressing the Armed Forces in New Delhi today, on the eve of Independence Day, the Defence Minister assured the soldiers that the Government will do all that is necessary to keep their morale high and to meet their functional requirements.

    He said the Armed Forces are being rapidly modernised as they are at the forefront of the nation’s defence.

    Rajnath Singh reiterated that India's defence policy is for peace and stability at the regional, continental and global level.

    The Defence Minister listed the measures taken by the government for the welfare of soldiers and their families.

     He said the government recently enhanced scholarship for the wards of martyrs. A Janaushadhi Kendra was inaugurated at Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt in March this year.

    He said this pilot Kendra, which is in line with Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana, will benefit in the provisioning of medicines at a much cheaper rate compared to the market. 

    It will later be replicated in other parts of the country. He said the government has also opened first Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme Polyclinic at Tawang and Tenga in Arunachal Pradesh.

    The Defence Ministesaid he has restored ‘ration in kind’ for the officers of the three-Armed Forces posted in peace areas since June. Now, all officers, including those in peace stations will be getting ration. 

  • He said his government has dedicated itself on all fronts in the service of countrymen. PM Modi said, abrogation of special status to Jammu and Kashmir, law to ban the practice of instant triple talaq were some of the key decisions taken by his government soon after assuming power for the second term.

    Prime Minister also condoled the death of people in recent floods and assured the affected of all help.

    The Prime Minister said, this government  thinks differently and the country comes first. He said, the spirit of One Nation, One Constitution- has become a reality and India is proud of that.Mr Modi said, his government has made continuous efforts in last five years to meet all the needs and aspirations of the common man.

    Prime Minister said, India understands the important of water conservation and thus, a new ministry for Jal Shakti has been created. He announced 'Jal Jivan' mission to make drinking water available to all households and said government will spend 3.5 lakh crore rupees for it.

    Prime Minister said, the movement towards water conservation has to take place at the grassroots level and it should not be limited to mere a Government programme.

    He said, people from all walks of life have to be integrated in this movement. The Prime Minister stressed on the need for eradication of poverty for the better future of the country and the government has taken several steps in the last five years towards it.

    The Prime Minister also highlighted the issue of population explosion and stressed on the need to have greater discussion and awareness on population explosion.

    He said, population explosion will create problems for coming generations and those who follow the policy of small family also contribute to the development of the country adding that this is also a form of patriotism.Mr Modi said, the recent  Lok Sabha elections  were neither  fought by any political leader nor political party but they were  contested by the people of the nation to achieve their dreams.

    He said, the mood of the nation changed in 2019 and disappointment turned into hope. PM Modi said, every effort made to remove corruption and black money is welcome as these are menaces that have ruined India for 70 long years. He said, we should  always reward honesty.

    The Prime Minister said, can we not remove the excess influence of Governments on people's lives.  

    He said, the people should have the freedom of pursuing their own aspirations and the  right eco-system should be in place  in this regard.

    He said, India does not want incremental progress but a  high jump is needed and we have to keep in mind global best practices and build good systems.

    Prime Minister said, the government has decided to invest 100 lakh crore rupees in infrastructure building.Mr Modi said, India can become a 5 trillion dollar economy in the next five years.

    Prime Minister called for improving exports to get more share in world economy.

    He said, wealth creation is important for the country as only then wealth distribution will happen. PM Modi said, those who create wealth need to be respected.Prime Minister said, today there is a stable government in India  and its  policy regime is predictable. He said, the world is eager to explore trade with India.

    PM Modi  said, the government has kept the inflation  under check and supplement development. He added that  the fundamentals of Indian economy are strong which will help the country to grow further.

    Prime Minister announced creation of Chief of Defence Staff to ensure coordination and provide effective leadership to three services.

    PM Modi said, people of India are no longer happy with merely the proposal for a new railway station, they want to know when the state-of-the-art Vande Bharat Express will come to their area.

    Currently, only one Vande Bahrat Express is operational between Delhi and Varanasi, while another between Delhi and Katra is in the pipeline.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the national flag at the ramparts of the historic Red Fort in Delhi and addressed the nation.

    Dressed in a white kurta-pyjama and a colourful turban, PM Modi was received by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at the Red Fort.

    Prime Minister then inspected Guard of Honour.Before coming to Red Fort, he paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat.


  • India's Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin tweeted yesterday that India is happy to tangibly contribute to reform of the UN Development system.

    According to the UN information, Special Purpose Trust Fund (SPTF) is a specific fund housed within the UN Secretariat, established to receive, consolidate, manage all contributions and financial transactions of the new Resident Coordinator system in a transparent and effective way.

    SPTF web portal, displays in real time all commitments, contributions and expenditures recorded for the fund.

    Funding sources include voluntary contributions from the Member States, the doubling of cost-sharing amounts from the UN entities who are members of the United Nations development system and a one per cent levy applied to contributions for UN development related activities earmarked to a single agency, single programme or project.

  • Scientists of the national space agency ISRO achieved its trans-lunar ion by firing the engine on-board at 2.21 am today for 20-minutes, three seconds. It is currently on its way towards the moon, whose parameters are all healthy, as said by the ISRO in a release.

    The orbiter of the Chandrayaan-2 carrying the lander Vikram and rover Pragyaan is set to reach a moon-centric orbit on the 20th of this month. 

    After a fresh series of moon-centric manoeuvres, it will unleash the lander on September 2 so that it could soft-land near the lunar South Pole on the seventh of September.

    The rover will emerge from the lander shortly afterwards to explore the uncharted terrain.

  • The Commission will begin its visit with a meeting with the Senior Economists including Prof. Anil Mehta,   Archana Surana,  Arvind Mayaram,  Ashok Bapna,   Atul Sharma, Basantt Khaitan, Divya Maderna, Edward Dickinson, Prof. G. K. Prabhu,  Dr. Govind Sharma,  K. B. Kothari,  Smt. Krishna Bhatnagar,  L. N. Nathuramka,    Dr. Manjit Singh,  Prof. N. D. Mathur,    Dr. Prabhat Pankaj,  Dr. Prashant Gupta, Mr. Rakshat Hooja,   Dr. Rima Hooja,  Prof. S. S. Somra,    Prof. (Dr.) S. L. Kothari,   Amb. Satish C. Mehta,  Amb. Savitri Kunadi,   Prof. T. K. Jain   and Dr. Vijay Vir Singh.

    The Commission will hold the other meeting with the representatives of the State’s Panchayati Raj Institutions and Rural Local Bodies, representatives of the Urban Local Bodies and the representatives of the Political Parties of the State.

    The Commission will also have a meeting with the representatives of Trade and Industry bodies in the State.On the second day of its visit, the Commission will have a detailed meeting with Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister of Rajasthan alongwith his cabinet colleagues and senior officers.

    There will be a presentation to the Finance Commission on the State Finances by PFS and also on Developmental/ Flagship Programmes of State Govt.The Commission will also undertake field visits in and around Jodhpur including an interaction with the District Administration of Balasamund.

  • He said, this will enable the people to access and enjoy the same rights, same privileges and same facilities as their fellow citizens in the rest of the country.

    These include progressive, egalitarian laws and provisions related to the Right to Education, accessing public information through the Right to Information, reservations in education and employment and other facilities for traditionally deprived communities and justice for our daughters by abolishing unequal practices such as instant triple talaq.In his address to the nation on the eve of 73rd Independence Day, the President said, India is completing 72 years as a free nation at a very special juncture.

    President Kovind said, the illustrious generation that led the country to freedom did not perceive independence only in terms of transfer of political power.

    They considered it a stepping stone in a longer and larger process of nation-building and national welding.

    President expressed happiness that the recently concluded session of Parliament saw lengthy and productive sittings of both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

    He said many important Bills were passed, in a spirit of cross-party cooperation and constructive debate.

    Their objective was to improve the life of each individual, each family and of society as a whole.The President highlighted that India has rarely been a judgemental society through the centuries.

    He said India has always had a live-and-let-live organising principle where people respect each other’s identity, irrespective of region, language or faith, or even the absence of faith.

    He added that India’s history and destiny, India’s legacy and future, are a function of coexistence and conciliation, of reform and reconciliation.Speaking about the country's youth, President Kovind said the greatest gift which can be given to young and coming generations is to encourage and institutionalise a culture of curiosity, especially in the classroom. He said people can achieve a lot given a facilitative and enabling environment by the government.

    He said the government can build financial infrastructure in the form of a transparent, inclusive banking system, an online-friendly tax system and easier access to capital for legitimate entrepreneurs.

    President Kovind cited that the government can build physical infrastructure in the form of housing for the poorest of the poor, and availability of energy, toilets and water in every home.

    President Kovind said it is crucial for society to use and nurture this infrastructure for the benefit of themselves and society. Giving examples, he said rural roads and better connectivity have meaning only if farmers use them to reach bigger markets and get better prices for their produce.

    He added that fiscal reforms and easier regulations have meaning only if entrepreneurs use these to build honest and imaginative enterprises and create sustainable jobs.

    He stressed that to cherish and safeguard such infrastructure is to secure another aspect of the country's hard-won freedom.

    The President said on 2nd of October, the nation will celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Mr Kovind said, contemporary India is very different from the India in which Mahatma Gandhi lived and worked but Gandhiji remains extremely relevant.

    President said, this year also marks the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, and the reverence and respect he commands go far beyond just our Sikh brothers and sisters.

    President Kovind concluded his speech by reciting a few lines in Tamil from the inspirational poet Subramania Bharati, which gave voice to the country's freedom movement and its expansive goals. 

  • This was stated by J&K Government Spokesperson Rohit Kansal while addressing media persons in Srinagar on Wednesday.

    He said that in Jammu, the Independence Day celebrations would be led by an advisor to the governor while celebrations would be held at divisional, district and sub-district levels as well.

    Kansal said that all arrangements for the smooth celebrations of the Independence Day have been made adding full dress rehearsals in this regard were held in all districts of the Kashmir Valley on Tuesday.

    Kansal said that overall situation in Kashmir Valley has remained calm since the abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 and the government has given further relaxation in "prohibitory orders" in many areas.

    Kansal assured that there is no shortage of essential supplies in the Kashmir Valley and hospitals and other civil facilities are functioning normally. 

    Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik has asked all the deputy commissioners to direct sarpanches to hoist the national flag in their respective panchayats on Independence Day.

  • He said that India has shown to the world that how a geographically vast, culturally and religiously diverse country can strengthen its unity and national integrity under a democratic system.

    Nepalese Foreign Minister also said that India is moving ahead to become third biggest economy of the world and it's profile on global forum is going higher and higher.

    Gyawali was speaking at an interaction organised by Reporter's Club Nepal in Kathmandu on the eve of 73rd Independence Day of India. He also said a strong, democratic and prosperous neighbor is beneficial for Nepal and similarly a strong, prosperous and stable Nepal is in favour of India.

    Gyawali said India and Nepal relations are multi dimensional and bilateral ties can be further strengthen through economic partnership.

    He further added that both the countries have prioritise cooperation in cross border Raxual-Kathmandu Railways, Inland Waterways and Agriculture.

    Nepalese Foreign Minister also congratulated people and Government of India on  73rd Independence Day.In his address Indian Ambassador to Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri said Government of India is strongly committed to eliminate menace of terrorism and maintain peace and stability in the country.

    He also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's main focus is on economic development and prosperity of India and its people.

    Ambassador Puri said as per India's neighborhood first policy Nepal and other neighboring countries will also be benefited form it.

    He also said that India and Nepal have taken many initiatives to further strengthen economic cooperation including Integrated Check Post at Birgunj, Arun III hydro power project and Motihari-Amelkhgunj oil pipeline.Former Foreign Ministers of Nepal Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani and Ram Sharan Mahat also highlighted the importance of age old Indo-Nepal friendship and ways to further strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.