Bhasha Sangam - Celebrating the Linguistic Diversity of India

Bhasha Sangam

The programme "Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat" was initiated to celebrate the spirit of national integration. "Bhasha Sangam" marks the unique symphony of languages of our country and is an expression of our shared dreams, hopes and aspirations for one India. Under Bhasha Sangam initiative it was planned to provide multilingual exposure to students in Indian languages listed in the VIII schedule of the Constitution of India. This initiative was just the beginning of the journey meant to create interest in these languages and aroused curiosity to learn more.


The Department of School Education & Literacy has initiated Bhasha Sangam - A Celebration of Linguistic Diversity which marks the appreciation of the unique symphony of languages of our country. In order to celebrate the unique characteristic of our country, Bhasha Sangam provides an opportunity to schools and educational institution (BIETs, DIETs, CTEs/IASEs, SCERTs, SIEs, School Boards, Directorates of School Education, etc.) to provide multilingual exposure to students in Indian Languages. The objective is to familiarize every child with simple dialogues in all the 22 languages under Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India, taking up one language on each working day, to enhance linguistic tolerance and promote national integration.


  • To introduce school students to all the 22 languages of Schedule VIII of the constitution of India.
  • To enhance linguistic tolerance and respect, and promote national integration.

  • This will be run by the State/UT Department of School Education.
  • A short dialogue consisting of five simple, commonly used sentences has been designed in 22 languages for use by students of all classes. These sentences are at pages 1 to 22 of this booklet and have been arranged in alphabetical order of the language. It may be noted that the translations in Roman and Devanagari scripts have been simplified for use by children.
  • Sentences from each language are to be shared with students everyday for 22 working days. Everyday only one language will be shared. A schedule in this regard giving the language of the day is placed at page ii of this booklet.
  • In case any school misses a language on any day, then it should continue with the schedule as at page ii and cover the missing language at the end.
  • A digital book with audio recordings of the dialogues is available on the website so that students can hear the correct pronunciations.
  • The suggested activities should be carried out in a joyful and interesting manner. Students have enjoyed the activities and participated with great enthusiasm wherever this initiative has been piloted. This initiative is not mandatory and there should be no formal testing of any kind.
  • Heads of schools may upload photographs and videos of daily activities under Bhasha Sangam.

Suggested Activities

  • The 5 sentences pertaining to the language of the day should be read out e.g. Assamese on day 1, Bengali on day 2 etc., in the morning assembly, and students asked to repeat them.
  • In case there is any student from that State, e.g. Assam on day 1, West Bengal on day 2 etc. or who speaks the language studying in the school, then he/she or even all of them should preferably read out the sentences in the morning assembly.
  • Similarly, any teacher, parent, government servant or any other person from that State or who speaks the language, may be invited to read out the sentences.
  • Senior students may be encouraged to create posters on these sentences, these can be put up all over the school.
  • Teachers may address the students and converse with them in the language of the day, and encourage students to do the same.
  • Students may be encouraged to share these sentences with their families at home.
  • The schools may carry out other activities related to this initiative.

Suggestions for the Educational Administrators
Suggestions for the Educational Administrators
  • State level organizations particularly the SCERTs/SIEs, School Boards, BIETs, DIETs, CTEs and IASEs may also organise appropriate activities at the State, District and Local levels to promote Bhasha Sangam. The officials may also converse in the language of the day.
  • All the CRCs, BRCs, BEOs and District Education Officers may lead the team of officers of their departments and visit schools to participate, encourage and appreciate the celebrations on linguistic diversity. As noted above, these officials may also be encouraged to speak in the sentences under this initiative.
  • All school head masters/principals may upload videos of the daily activities on Bhasha Sangam YouTube Channel.
  • All State and UT Departments of School Education, the DEO and the BEO may also upload photos and videos of activities at the State/UT level, the district and the block level respectively in the same procedure as 3 above, or they may submit these directly to the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India

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