Collaborating to Overcome COVID-19

Collaborating to Overcome COVID-19

Living generations across the world are experiencing a challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic which is the first of its kind. Very few nations, if any, may have been spared from the worst impact economically and otherwise. India has put up a brave front so far, and despite the teeming billion plus population, managed to mitigate the speed of the pandemic's spread with timely measures.

The challenge has not abated yet, and signals are clear that as a nation, we not only need to keep exercising heightened caution and restraint, but also need to realign ourselves in a significant way that allows us to make this unprecedented situation into an opportunity for all citizens.

The government has been ramping up efforts to enhance both the reach & efficiency of COVID-19 testing facilities. Moreover, digital media is helping to take collaboration to higher levels by enabling timely sharing of advisories & updates along with facilitating coordination of relief efforts seamlessly.

COVID-19 Collection Centre

The portal has been developed to facilitate authorization of Sample Collectors for using the RT-PCR and Rati mobile apps. The sample collectors are associated with Collection Centres in a District. The collection centre details (State, District, Name, Government or Private, Address, Authorised Test) and sample collector details (Name, Mobile number) are entered through District level authorized users. The emails of District level users who can enter Collection Centre and Sample Collectors are available on the portal.

There are different kinds of users: Portal User Creators having Administrative role (Read, Write, Create users) and Portal Users with Read and Write Permission (State Noda Officer/ Health Secretary/ Director/ State Surveillance Officers)

COVID-19 Advisories, Updates & Relief Efforts

Various State Governments are taking the lead to protect the health & lives of their respective citizens & facilitate the economic upheaval of their subjects. These efforts are being implemented with the help of technology-driven digital dashboards, and platforms for providing timely advisories and updates. Citizens are also able to pitch in with their contributions to the respective relief funds of various States.

COVID-19 Advisories & Updates

COVID-19 Miscellaneous Links