DIKSHA - National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers

DIKSHA - National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers

DIKSHA will serve as National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers. All teachers across nation will be equipped with advanced digital technology.

Diksha portal will enable, accelerate and amplify solutions in realm of teacher education. It will aid teachers to learn and train themselves for which assessment resources will be available. It will help teachers to create training content, profile, in-class resources, assessment aids, news and announcement and connect with teacher community.


DIKSHA is a unique initiative which leverages existing highly scalable and flexible digital infrastructures, while keeping teachers at the center. It is built considering the whole teacher's life cycle - from the time student teachers enroll in Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs) to after they retire as teachers.

In India, many teachers are creating & using innovative tech-based solutions in their classrooms. Some state governments have also initiated programs to support their teachers digitally. This inspired MHRD and NCTE to coordinate these efforts at a national level and build DIKSHA.

States, government bodies and even private organisations, can integrate DIKSHA into their respective teacher initiatives based on their goals, needs and capabilities. They can use DIKSHA's features to create:

  • In-class resources
  • Teacher training content
  • Assessment aids
  • Teacher profile
  • News and announcement
  • Teacher community

These features have emerged from consultations with multiple state governments, NGOs and more than 30 public and private organisations, who have collaborated in contributing to DIKSHA.

What does the platform provide

NTP envisages to provide:

  • Teacher training courses (example - training on learning outcomes, CCE, etc.)
  • Teaching resources such as lesson plans, concept videos, worksheets, mapped to curriculum
  • Assessments for teachers, to find out their strengths and areas of improvement

Teachers will be able to access this material offline on their smartphones, tablets and other devices anytime and anywhere. Material will be contextualised to local languages as well as mapped to the curriculum.

National Teacher Platform (NTP)
National Teacher Platform (NTP)

Teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling; this is established by research and is one of the most agreed upon arguments in education. Our Teachers are Our Heroes.

NTP contain the following features:

  • Courses for teachers to enable continuous learning
  • Resources for use in classroom
  • Dashboards for progress and assessment
  • Communities for collaboration and discussions
  • Announcements, notifications and circulars

The National Teacher Platform will be available to all teachers, anytime, anywhere. It will be:

  • Open and Modular :- The National Teacher Platform will be a minimal and generalised technology platform built using Open Standards and Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and will host Open Educational Resources (OER). It will also have tools and interfaces for the creation and consumption of teaching and learning content. As a shared infrastructure the platform will avoid duplication of effort and save costs.
  • User-focused and Iterative : - The National Teacher Platform will cater to the needs of teachers including the development of Attitude, Skill and Knowledge. The platform will continuously develop and evolve in an iterative manner based on user needs and stakeholder feedback.

Scope of the platform

The NTP will cater to teachers from all stages of school education including pre-primary, primary, upper primary, secondary and senior secondary. All institutions, groups and individuals catering to the above can be enrolled as members of the platform, and can contribute to the creation, curation and use of resources on the platform.

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