e-AMRIT - Accelerated e-Mobility Revolution for India's Transportation

e-AMRIT– Accelerated e-Mobility Revolution for India's Transportation

e-AMRIT is a one-stop portal for creating awareness about electric mobility through Electric Vehicles (EVs) in India. The portal aims to ease the transition from fossil fuel driven vehicles to electric vehicles by providing all information about policies, incentives, charging stations, business requirements. Electric vehicles provide a range of benefits from environmental to economical over conventional vehicles. There are multiple types of electric vehicles offered in the market. Availability of affordable credit is essential for the adoption of electric vehicles. Myths lead to slower adoption of electric vehicles. This is an attempt to create awareness about the benefits of EVs, share information about the various types of EVs available in India, bust the myths surrounding their use, and also to share details of financing options, thereby helping the move towards a cleaner, greener, economical option.

Incentives for Electric Vehicles

Incentives are available at both the national & State level for moving to Electric Vehicles. FAME, or Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid and) Electric vehicles, is currently India's flagship scheme for promoting electric mobility. Currently in its 2nd phase of implementation, FAME-II is being implemented for a period of 3 years, eff. 1st April 2019 with a budget allocation of 10,000 Cr. The incentives offered in the scheme are illustrated below: The national level incentives can be found here, while State level policies can be accessed on another dedicated page.

Total Approximate Incentives

Approximate Size of Battery

Two wheelers: Rs 15000/- per kWh upto 40% of the cost of Vehicles

Two wheelers: 2 kWh

Three wheelers: Rs 10000/- per kWh

Three wheelers: 5 kWh

Four wheelers: Rs 10000/- per kWh

Four wheelers: 15 kWh

E Buses: Rs 20000/- per kWh

E Buses: 250 kWh

E Trucks: Rs 20000/- per kWh


Source: Incentives for Electric Vehicles

Switching to an Electric Vehicle

Central/State governments provide an upfront subsidy that reduces the overall costs of electric vehicles. The e-AMRIT portal offers various resources to help ease the migration to electric vehicles.

Choosing an Electric Vehicle - Helps compare some of the Electric Vehicle (EV) options available in India

Journey Cost Calculator - Helps compare the cost of a journey in an EV vs an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle

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