Sahkar Se Samriddhi Scheme

Sahkar Se Samriddhi Scheme

In order to realize the vision of "Sahkar se Samriddhi", strengthening cooperative movement in the country, deepening its reach to the grassroots and to enhance the performance, productivity and profitability of cooperative societies, various initiatives have been taken by the Ministry of Cooperation since its inception, such as:

  • Making Primary Cooperatives Transparent and Economically Vibrant (14 initiatives)
  • Strengthening the Urban and Rural Cooperative Banks (9 initiatives)
  • Relief to Cooperative Societies in Income Tax Act (6 initiatives)
  • Revival of Cooperative Sugar Mills (4 initiatives)
  • Three new Multi-State Societies at the National Level (3 initiatives)
  • Capacity Building in Cooperatives (3 initiatives)
  • Use of Information Technology for 'Ease of Doing Business' (2 initiatives)
  • Other Initiatives (7 initiatives)

Details of funds released during the last two years in various schemes/project, are as under:

Computerization of Primary Agriculture Credit Societies (PACS) Project : The project was approved by the Government of India on 29th June, 2022 for computerization of 63,000 functional Primary Agriculture Credit Societies (PACS) with a total financial outlay of Rs.2,516 Cr. Under the project Rs.439.67 Cr. has been released to States/UTs for hardware procurement, digitization and establishment of support system. Further, Rs.100 Cr. has been released to NABARD for the development of software. A total of 60,685 PACS have been sanctioned for computerization in 28 States/ UTs.

Central Sector Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Cooperation (CSISAC) : Rs.341.67 Cr. was released in the financial year 2021-22 and Rs.376.93 Cr. was released in the financial year 2022-23 under the CSISAC scheme.

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